Friday, October 1, 2010

POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we've been "trying" the potty training for a little while now. I knew this day would come, but I wasn't really ready for means my baby is growing up! Not to mention, it's not that easy! I hear that girls are easier than boys, but I guess it all depends on the child. We actually started before she turned 2 because she was curious about the toilet and we thought, why not?! We started sitting her and trying it on her small potty first. She did ok, but wouldn't sit very long. We didn't try very hard or very often. Just asked her sometimes or let her go if she wanted to. Then, we started putting her on the big potty because they were trying it at daycare. She's the youngest in her class so they just wanted to get her used to it. They tried for a couple of weeks w/her and she did pretty well. She won't always go when you sit her there. She still hasn't pooped on the potty yet. Since she's still alittle young, we aren't pushing the issue yet. We ask her in the mornings or when it's bath time. She tells her sometimes when she needs to go so we take her. She tells us a lot of times when she's already gone! We still let her put an Elmo/Sesame Street sticker on her potty chart when she goes. She loves to do that and says, "Go put Elmo sticker!" I may try over Christmas break when I can be at home more with her or I may just wait for the summer. She's not quite ready, but she may be by then. We still think of her as our "little" baby and I don't want to rush things if I don't have to! Here are a few pics...

She wants the her baby and bear to potty too!

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