Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Showin off her two new teeth:)

Haven't posted in awhile so I have several pics to show and lots more to come...

Addison loves to laugh and smile and now her cute little teeth show when she does it. Here are a few of her showin them off.

Visiting Relatives:)

Here are a few pics from a couple of weeks ago. We visited Scott's family in Louisville for his niece's bday. Some of them had not seen Addie since Xmas so they were very excited.

Pictures of the cousins.

Here is Addie playing with the ice-cream top. She had it for the first time and seemed to like it.

She loves her Nana and Pops.

Meeting the Easter Bunny!!!

We took Addison to see the Easter Bunny last week when we had her pictures made at JCPenney's. It was great because we went when there was no line! Of course, she wasn't scared of him (she's not scared of anyone)! She just kinda looked him over and sat right down in his lap. This time, we did get a smile out of her unlike the Santa picture. The little girl at the desk said if that were a smiling contest, she would for sure win it! I thought that was sweet. Everyone always makes the comment about her being a happy baby and smiling all the time~WE ARE VERY BLESSED:) She did great with her 6mth pictures too (few wks late). We also had a few Easter pics made. She smiled and laughed and showed her teeth the whole time. The girl taking the pics said a few times that she looked like she was tryin to pose. I'll be posting them soon! It was really a fun day...even w/out either of her naps!!!

We also had a little fun with her bunny ears while waiting to see her pics.