Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turning 1~Addison's 1st Bday Party!!!

Well, I'm posting these bday pics VERY late (bday was Aug. 29th), but what would a blog be if I missed posting my little toddler's 1st birthday?! We had a great day! Scott's family came in from KY and a lot of my family were there to celebrate. It took place at Nana and Papa's house. Mom and I set everything up on the screen porch the night before (most of it stayed in place). The theme was "cupcakes" w/purple and pink as the colors. Her cake was a large cupcake that turned out cute. I had AG a big "Gigi" cupcake made for her to eat, but the store surprised me w/a small cake for her to use. It was cute too! My uncle and his girlfriend were nice enough to lend us a Tinkerbell bouncy and a cottoncandy maker (she works @ a party store). They were both GREAT for the party and the adults enjoyed them as much as the kids!:) Addie got lots of nice gifts too! It was a long day, but lots of fun. Leah and myself w/a little help from Rachel, also put together a slideshow of Addison for the family to watch. I would love to post it, but it's 15 minutes long! This slideshow is long too, but couldn't leave any of them out...Enjoy:)
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Little Dancer!!!

Addison loves to dance! Everytime she hears music, she stops what she's doing to "bounce". It is the cutest thing. She stands in front of the fireplace and puts on a show! Enjoy the video...

Be sure to mute my playlist so you can hear the video song.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is she allergic or what?!

A few weeks ago, we were playing outside w/Addie and I noticed that mosquitoes were on her head and flying around everywhere. We live by a creek so they are pretty bad! We were only out for about 30 minutes. The next morning when I went in to get her, she had about 15 red spots on the side of her face and some on her arms and legs. These weren't just any red spots. They were swollen and eventually turned to small blisters. I have never in my life! Anyway, Addie itched and scratched so we assumed these were bites from the night before. It seemed like we were finding more on her like they were spreading and I don't think bites do that. Her daycare thought we should have her seen by a doctor so I took her the next day. Luckily, he ruled out Chicken Pox! He "thougtht" it was an allergic reactiion to the bites. They eventually went away w/medicine. I didn't get any pics!

Then, over the long weekend, I had Addie outside again, but not for too long. I could feel the mosquitoes on me so I figured she was getting eaten up too. What do ya know, the next morning she had bites again! These seemed like they were in the same places as the others. I don't think mosq. bites do that. I'm not convinced that these are just bites, but that's how we are treating them...for now! I'm wondering, if she's so allergic then why has this only happened once before. We've been outside a lot. It's really odd. Hate to think I've got to put bug spray on her EVERY time she's out for just 30 minutes!!! Here's what they look like and this looks good compared to last time.

Addie's first Build~a~Bear!!!

Since we had Addie's 1st bday party the weekend before her birthday, my neices and I took her to Build-a-Bear for the first time on the actual day. This was cousin Rachel's idea because that's what she wanted to get her for her birthday. We ended up eating then heading to the mall later than we wanted. By the time we got there, we had about 45 minutes before the mall closed. Anyway, we ended up picking a "bear" to dress. There are so many cute outfits, but I chose the birthday shirt to remember her 1st bday. It turned out really cute. Addison had a good time and carried her bear around and patted her on the bottom. It was so cute! Here are a few pics from the night.

She was so tired by the time we finished.

Walking with Lily throughout the store.

Addie and mommy.

Addie and cousins Leah and Rachel.