Friday, August 21, 2009

Starting daycare!

Addie started daycare @ Building Blocks Learning Center in H'ville a couple of weeks ago. She really loves it! SHe's got a great teacher...Mrs. Anita:) She started out in the toddler room because she can walk, but we changed her over to infant room to transition back over in a few weeks. She wasn't ready for the older room yet! She's made lots of new friends. I love watching her play w/them. I also love walking in and seeing that sweet face light up w/a smile when she sees her mommy:)

The first day of dropping her off was very sad (for me). Addie did just fine! Never even knew I was gone! They said she did great. Well, a few days later, she had already picked up a virus from someone! It was awful! She was throwing up a lot when we got home one afternoon. She passed it on to Scott, then myself...uggg! Anyway, her transition to daycare schedule and everything was causing her to come home a VERY cranky girl!!! It was hard to do anything cause she wouldn't let me put her down! The 2nd week, she finally realized that her mommy was leaving her. She now cries when I leave everyday! It is so hard to leave her, but they say it only lasts for a minute. She's getting better w/the new routine now...hopefully! I think a little of what was causing her to be cranky was a combination of daycare and teething. She cut her 8th tooth the other day!!!!!

Now, she has picked up something else which we thought might be chicken pox. Luckily it wasn't! I think it was just lots of mosquito bites...we hope! Here's a pick of her first day.

Addie's pre-bday pics

I took Addie to have bday pics made w/her cake. They turned out pretty cute. I made her card w/these pics. Here's a few...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another day of fun spent at the zoo:)

Well, to finish up my summer break, we decided to take Addie to the Nashville Zoo. Scott's never been to that one, but of course I've been many times w/my class each year. We weren't sure how Addie would like it. She sat in her stroller some and walked a little too. She looked at the animals, but being the social butterfly that she is, I think she had more fun watching all the kids! LOL! That's my Addie:) Needless to say, Scott nor Addie were very enthused about the zoo but it's the togetherness that counts!

A day @ the park with Mommy and Daddy!!!

Click on the pic to make bigger.

A few weeks ago when we took Addie to the fountains, we finished up the day @ the park. She was so tired from playing in the water so we let her sleep a little while as we walked her around in the stroller. Finally, she woke up and we played on the swings. She had lots of fun doing that! She has one at her Nana's house, but it doesn't go that high. We also fed the ducks before going home. She just kinda looked at them while her daddy fed them. What a great day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Addie's 2nd trip to the fountains!!!

After Addie had such a good time the night before, Scott and I had to take her back the next day, but we made a day of it! We started out doing a little shopping at The Streets then had a little ice-cream from the Marble Slab. Then it was on to the fountains! This time she wore her bathingsuit and once again, had a blast! Scott couldn't get over how she wasn't scared at all. Other kids were crying and not going near the water, but Addie was ALL about it! She was even sitting on the spouts and putting her face down so the water could hit it. A lady there told us that Addie was the "bravest baby" she had ever seen. That's our "little daredevil" I told her. Addie was so funny to watch. This time, I got her on video.

Here's a video to watch.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Addie's Trip to the Fountains!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally took Addie to the fountains @ The Streets of Indian Lake. I've been meaning to take her all summer. We've been over there lots of times to shop, but never had time to stay. Finally one evening, my nieces were coming to Gallatin to eat so I told them we would plan to go there afterwords. We ate first, then did a little shopping and had ice-cream. By the time we did all that, it was nearly 9:00 and dark! That didn't stop us. We took her anyway:) I just kept her in her clothes and she had a ball! She was amazed at the water coming out of the hole. She was giddy and very happy the whole time. She wasn't scared a bit!
It took her a minute to walk up to it. After she did, it was on! It was the funniest thing to watch. So glad we stayed even though it was late. Mad that I waited til the summer was over to finally take her. Anyway, we had a lot of fun...So much that Scott and I took her back the next day! Here are some great pics from the night.


Addie and I went to The Baptist Church in H'ville a few weeks ago to meet up w/a friend. This was our first time there and Addison really enjoyed it. Here are a few pics of the day...