Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day '10

This year, Valentine's Day was on a Sunday which meant that Scott would not be working! Last year, we didn't really get to spend it together. I was excited because I knew we would finally get to do something! I planned it early that we would do dinner and a movie and mom would keep her...ALL night! Scott and I have not been out on an official date with the two of us in no telling how long! Anyway, they came to get her early on Sunday so we actually got a little time together that day too. It was a good night and we definitely needed it...although we missed Addie a lot! We had dinner at Carrabas because we both love Italian. Tried Olive Garden, but ended up there. Our plan was to see Valentine's Day or Dear John, but decided to go home and take advantage of an empty house! We have over 500 dvd's and ended up watching Couples Retreat. I got to sleep in til 10:30 the next morning because we didn't have school. That was nice!

That next morning, Scott had to work, but he left my gift on the counter for me. "He went to Jared"! He had asked me earlier what I wanted and I mentioned a Pandora bracelet, but wasn't sure what he would do. He told me the next day that he ordered my gift and it would probably come early. I love my bracelet. He picked out a "forever together" charm and all of our initials and I picked the wedding cake and baby carriage. I'll be adding more soon! I only got him chocolate and a card because his gift was a trip to Vegas this weekend with guys from work. They do this every year, except a couple of years ago, I went too for the first time. I really like it there and hope to go back sometime. Ready for a family trip to the beach this year though! Can't wait for Addie to see the ocean:)We went without her last time and missed her like crazy! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

Addie on Valentine's morning

My Pandora bracelet minus one of the charms.

This is one of the gifts I received from my sweet!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Snow Days...

Our house after the snow.

Well, the weatherman got it right this time...we ended up with about 4 or 5 inches of snow! I was a little skeptical at first because they always make it out to be more than it really is. We were very excited that it did come! School was out on Friday even though we didn't start seeing anything til a little later. Once it started, it didn't stop til the next morning. I love watching it snow! I opened all the blinds so Addie could see out too! We already had our sled from when it snowed a week or so ago. Didn't use it then, but it definitely came in handy this time. Jen spent the night @ our house the night before so she was there to play in the snow too! It was really cold that day. We all bundeled up, especially Addison. She could hardly walk because she was so stiff. We sled down our driveway, which is a pretty good worked for us! Our neighbors came over too. We all took turns going down w/Addie. She loved it! Jen and I tried making a snowman, but it didn't workout for us.

The next day, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go back out but Scott and I took Addie for a bit. It was actually kinda warm. We didn't have to bundle up as much and Addie enjoyed it more. This time we used the hill in our front yard, which was now ice. It was perfect and went fast! Scott let Addie go by herself this time. When she got to the bottom, she had a huge smile on her face:) I love days like these!
We ended up being out of school that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. By Tuesday, I had cabin fever and had to get out of the house! I ended up taking Addie to daycare and my niece and I went to eat and to the movies. It was nice...definitely needed the break! They're calling for more snow next week so we will see:)

Down the road

Day 1~All bundled up and ready to go!

Daddy and Addie

Aunt Jen and Addie

The Taylor's

Lovin it!

Day 2~Here we go again!

A video of Addie sledding by herself!

She couldn't figure out what this was...our neighbor's made it!