Monday, December 29, 2008

4 months check-up /growing strong & doing better than ever!

Addison had a great check-up on Tuesday. She got more shots, but only cried for a minute. The doctor said she looked great and was getting very strong. She weighed 14lbs,14ozs and was 25.25in long. He said we could start her on solids/veggies twice a day. We started her w/carrots a couple of days ago and she seems to really like them. She has to take a little of her bottle first because she gets very upset and hungry. We're gonna continue cereal mixed w/a little fruit in the mornings. Another thing he told us was she could come off of her Zantac soon and that we could try her with a CHEAPER sensitive formula. We were really glad to hear that!!! We are going to try her with the foods then change the formula in a few days.

She has started doings LOTS of new things...she has been sleeping in her crib and now officially sleeps through the night (anywhere from 7:30-8:30pm to 6:30-8:30am)~she rolled over a few times already and really likes grabbing her feet~she sits up in things with out bobbing her head~she reaches out and plays w/things~she sits and listens to books being read and looks at the pictures~today she even held her bottle by herself:) Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

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My FaVoRiTe TiMe oF YeAr...CHRISTMAS!!!

Addison's 1st Christmas!!!

Addison's gifts from Santa

This Christmas was great because Scott and I already have what we really wanted...Addison!!! It was so much fun getting to dress her up and take her different places. I love sharing her with the family. Even though she doesn't understand the meaning of Xmas yet, it was still good having her there. She didn't really open any gifts, but played with the paper a little. She liked seeing her toys once they were open. The ones with music and colors are her favorite! She got tons of presents! I can't imagine what it's gonna be like next year...and the next...and the next! Besides getting our special gift, my next favorite gift was my surprise camera from Scott. It's the new Sony touch screen. It does everything. I took lots of pictures of Addie~of course! It is an awesome camera! Scott got his present early a couple of weeks ago...a new car. We are both happy with that!

I love this picture. She liked looking at the pretty paper.

She loves watching things move. She's even reached out a few times, but I couldn't get it on camera.

Can you believe all this stuff and she's only 4mths? This is a combination of Santa and Christmas gifts.

She's was very happy here playing with Daddy and her new toys.

We began celebrating Christmas the weekend before at my sister's house. Every year, we have cousins that come from Atlanta to spend a few days with the family. Sometimes, we visit them instead. The kids open gifts and the adults play dirty Santa and eat finger foods. Everyone always gets mad at me and Scott because we work together to try and get the gifts we want. Ha! Anyways, that night was a lot of fun.

On Christmas Eve, it has always been tradition for me, my brother, sisters, nieces, nephew, husbands, wives and aunt to spend the night at my mom and dad's house in Portland. They have a pretty big house, but the family continues to grow. No matter what, my mom always manages to make room. This is always a fun night. We have some type of dinner then we open gifts. Opening presents takes forever!!! The next morning, the kids get up for their Santa and then we have breakfast. When 9:00am comes around, Scott, Addison and myself are off to Louisville for Scott's family Xmas. We drive 2 & a half hours to stay a few hours there eating, opening gifts and spending time with family. Besides gifts, their tradition is exchanging ornaments every year. It doesn't take their family as long to open because all the kids open at the same time and then the adults. Then we turn right around and drive back to my parent's house.

Addison did well with traveling and going from one house to another. She was so amazed at all the lights and people. Of course, she got held pretty much the whole time. It doesn't really bother her though. Everyone loves her so much. They can't get over how much she is growing. I guess she really loves Xmas like her mommy.

This Christmas was a little sad at times because Brian's name would come up and it would get us all to thinking and missing him. It's still very surreal not having him here. We just tried thinking about the good times and the funny Brian, and it always makes us laugh again:) Overall,this was a wonderful Christmas! Hope everyone had a good one too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Santa and 1st Christmas Pictures

Last weekend, we took Addison to see Santa for the 1st time. It was pretty short and sweet. They didn't really try hard to get her to smile. It was the end of a long shopping day so she was pretty tired anyway. She did awesome while we were shopping~barely even knew she was there!

We also had Addison's Xmas pictures made along with her 3month pictures. They turned out pretty cute.

Friday, December 12, 2008

In Loving Memory of a cousin and friend...he will not be forgotten!

Well, I dreaded writing this because it would mean Brian has been layed to rest, but I felt I should share some things in memory of him. You pretty much can't go anywhere now without hearing someone say something good about him. I went into the bank and the lady mentioned he was a member there and that he would be missed. I went to the chiropractor on Wed. and more was mentioned there. It's on everyone's mind. He obviously touched a lot of lives.

Burying someone you love is never easy. But besides older relatives, I have never had to experience the death of someone as young, and as close as Brian was to my family. He thought a lot of my dad, as if he was his own. He thought a lot of my mom too. He would call them just about every day. Sometimes he would come by to help with something or just to tell them about a "bust" or something that happened that he was very proud of (his most recent was a big drug bust). He ALWAYS had stories to tell, and every time he would tell it with humor and not even mean to be funny. He was always the life of the party at family reunions or get togethers. A year or so ago, he and Barbara had a family dinner at their house. I remember Brian showing us how his German Shepherd (his drug dog) could sniff out something that he had hidden. He was very proud to show him off to everyone. This year, the Denning's had planned a Xmas dinner for Sunday. Sadly, we will not be attending. That's where he would get to meet Addison. He loved children and was so good with them. Addison would have loved him. One of the last times I saw or spoke to Brian was over the summer. Scott and I went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel and ran into him. He was sitting alone enjoying his breakfast and asked us to sit with him. I'm so glad we did. We talked and laughed of course. I didn't realize it would be our last meal together.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I've never seen so many people at a viewing in my life. The parking lot stayed full. The line was never-ending. People from everywhere were coming to show their respects. Flowers were being sent in at all hours. There were two officers guarding his casket at all times.

The Thursday service was one of the saddest, yet most memorable day of my life. It was unforgetable! The service, yet sad, was very enlightening because they really honored Brian and spoke of him as a true hero. It may sound cliche, but to a lot of people, he was a hero. He did many things for people and the community. He was a friend to all and his service was proof of that. The church was nearly full and people were still lining up to pay their respects to the family. There was a slide show going while people arrived and throughout the service. Brian was in the process of learning a song on the guitar called "Collide". That was played in honor of him. Several people spoke including his best friend and brother. His brother Michael gave a beautiful speech that Brian would be so proud of. There was not a dry eye in the entire church! He has really stayed strong for his family through this tough time.

Once the service was over, it was time to lay him to rest. Getting there was a very enlightening time also. The police department had EVERY road blocked from the church to the cemetery. Everyone was so respectful. As we drove in the precession, there were people getting out of their cars and standing on the side of the road to honor him as they drove him by. It was unbelievable!!! Once we were there, a policeman got on his radio and called out to every officer and made it Brian's "last call".

As the days now pass, I can't seem to get him off my mind. I keep hearing his voice and picturing him telling one of his funny stories. He will never be forgotten! The harsh reality is that a great man is gone, but his memory and legacy will live on forever through everyone that was touched by him. He will truly be missed! We love you Brian!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sad to see him go...

I'm sure most of you heard about Brian Denning on the news or from someone you know. It's now the talk of the town. The news is sad, but true. Brian was my 1st cousin on my Dad's side of the family. He was a fun-loving person who will be greatly missed. He was the type of person who couldn't sit still for a minute. He ALWAYS had something funny to say when he was around. Our family reunions were always great because Brian was the life of the party! He knew lots of people and had lots of friends. Everyone that didn't know him wished they had.

I attended his viewing tonight and the turn out was amazing! He was definitely liked by many! It was very surreal. I guess it still hasn't sunk in that he will no longer be with us. When you look at his pictures, it's as if he is still in the room. I guess when you're alive, you never really realize the impact you have on people. Brian always knew he had lots of friends, but he would be very happy to know just how much he was liked and loved!

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 months and growing fast!

I can't believe our baby is already 3 months old! Everyone told me they grow up too fast and that is so true. She can do so much... *laugh*smile*coo*look around*roll over~almost*sit up~with help*hold up her head*grab*suck fingers*recognize herself in the mirror. She has also changed so much in these 3 months~not just looks, but also the way she will just sit nicely and look around for the longest time. We went Xmas shopping and you barely even knew she was there. I guess you could say they get better with age, but it also has a lot to do with the $30 formula we've been using! Her reflux and spitting up has gotten better too because of the cereal and Zantac she's been taking. Maybe it's a combination of them all. However you look at it...she's a changed baby!!!

Her sleeping habits have gotten a little better I guess you could say. She does great during the day. She's already in a routine of eating her cereal in the morning, then napping. I also give her cereal anywhere from 12-100 and she takes her afternoon nap. She still cat naps some too. We try to get her ready for bed around 900 or so by feeding her cereal~sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It really just depends on the night if she goes for 3 hour spans or 5. She has this thing where she doesn't sleep sound due to her reflexes and rubbing her face, which wakes her up a lot! At first, I thought it was her tummy or the reflux, but she doesn't cry~just moves. I'm the world's worst about looking things up online. Of course, I had to find out if other babies do this and she's not alone! Some mothers say they still swaddle their babies at 7 and 9 months because of it. It helps them sleep longer. They talked about different ways to swaddle too. Well, Addison HATES it! It did help her sleep longer, but I didn't feel right doing it at 2 1/2 or 3 months. One mentioned using a Woombie which is a zipper sleep bag that cuddles the baby like the mother's womb, yet the material allows the baby to stretch a bit. I tried it and she did a little better. They say it takes some getting use to. We will see. Wish me luck! If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for Addison!!!

We are so thankful to have Addison with us this year to celebrate Thanksgiving @ Nana's house. Usually, we travel to Louisville in the morning to be with Scott's family. Then, we travel back to TN that evening to be with my family. This year, we only went to my family's Thnx'giving so we wouldn't have to travel that far because Scott had to work that night. It was nice to actually get to watch the parades and not have to be in such a rush, but we missed getting to see his family. We had dinner @ my parent's house, even though they are remodeling and the place was a mess. We still had fun and played the Wii.

Everyone always enjoys getting to see and hold Addison. They ALL argue over who will get her next. She hardly ever gets put down. She did great though. She looked really cute in her "little turkey" shirt that cousin Rachel got for her. She also changed into her "thankful for Tigger and Pooh" outfit. If she doesn't wear pink, she almost could pass for a little boy. LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trying to turn over!!!

For the past couple of weeks, Addison has really been trying to turn herself over on her tummy. She slings her leg and arm to get over on her side, but it stops there. She gets really mad when she can't go the rest of the way. It's so funny to watch her. She also pushes with her feet to try moving, but she only spins around on her back. Last night, Addison spun herself sideways in the pack-n-play. When I looked on the monitor and didn't see her face, I immediately jumped up to see what was wrong. She was sideways and sleeping! I just had to tell Scott and his mom the story. It was funny, but also scary. I guess I've got to get used to those kinds of things!

A visit from Nana

Scott's mom came to visit with Addison for a couple of days. She doesn't get to see her as often as she would like so she made up for it while she was here. Not too long after she arrived, she wanted to go buy something for Addie to play. She got her a musical gym and jungle mat and a really cute stuffed dog that teaches, talks, and plays music when you push the body parts. She really liked the mat. She lay and played a lot. The rest of the time, she enjoyed her Nana holding and talking to her. Addison is becoming a lot more alert now. When she recognizes a voice, she will smile and try "talking" back. It is so cute!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh how our sweet Addie is growing!!!

Spending time with friends

Last Sunday, we had a few friends over to watch the Titans game. A friend of mine just had her baby about a month after Addie was born, and she brought her to visit too along with her other little girl. It is so sweet to see them laying together. Soon they will be able to play together!

Friends of mine came to visit a couple of weeks ago. I've known them since I was little. Emily brought her little girl to visit with Addison because they have not seen her since she was born.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Addie's First Halloween

Well, we dressed Addison up for Halloween this year and took her to see the family. She was a pink leopard. It was a little too big for her, but she still looked cute. Of course, she had no clue that she was dressing up for Halloween. I only took a few pictures because she wasn't liking the costume. Next year, she may be a little more aware of things and we can take her trick-or-treating! I dressed Ellie as a pumpkin. She looked cute too, but I left her @ home...on accident! I was busy getting Addie and all her things in the car and forgot all about getting Ellie. What's really sad is that I didn't realize it until I was already at my sister's house! I felt so bad. At least it was Ellie and not the baby! LOL

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2 months & Smiling:)

Well, tomorrow Addie will turn 2 months old. She is growing so fast! She had her 2 month check-up and shots today and did great! I was really worried about doing this without Scott because Addie would be getting shots. It was horrible to watch and hear her crying. She didn't cry for very long, but it was still hard. The doctor said she looks great! She weighed 11 lbs and 4 oz and was 23 and a half inches long(wonder who she gets that from?). She's in the 90 percentile for length(: She's now growing out of some clothes.
Besides progressing well, I found out that Addison probably has a touch of colic:( It's not bad, but she just hasn't been the same Addison that we've seen. Since week two, she's had some tummy issues and we've tried several things for it. She doesn't really cry that much (until the past few days), but you can tell the formula has not been good on her stomach. She eats every 3 hours during the day, but hasn't been sleeping very much~very restless and fussy. She goes about every 4-5 hours at night. This is good, but she doesn't sleep very sound. Dr. Castner said it's probably due to her stomach being upset and gassy. We believe and hope this is a very mild form of colic, and she will get better soon. It could be a lot worse! Anyway, he suggested we put her on a "colic" formula called Neutramigen...very expensive stuff! I had heard about it and hoped we wouldn't need it, but whatever works. She won't have to be on it for long. Even though she's unhappy @ times, she still manages to coo and laugh quiet a bit. I love hearing her. She definitely knows who her mommy and daddy are when we talk to her.
P.S. Just a little something that I found funny today~Have you ever had this happen to you?...You know when you're trying to explain to the doctor these things that are going on with your child? Yet, he's seeing none of these things while you're in the room with her because she's having the best day ever! He's probably thinking I'm crazy or something. Well, that's what happened today. Addison did not cry or fuss at all while being examined or while we were talking. She pretty much sat perfectly still and looked around until it was shot time. LOL

Random Pics~Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

I love these pictures. She looks so much like her daddy here.

Cousins Rachel and Leah love to hold and take care of Addie. They also fight over who's gonna do it first and who does it better.

Trying out the new shades and going for a walk;)

Taking a bath in her new tub that aunt Deb got for her. She actually likes taking a bath a little better now.

I think I have a problem with not being able to put down the camera. I'm always wanting to take pictures of Addison. I feel like I have to get one with every outfit and everything she does...don't want to miss a thing! She's growing so fast!