Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Addie "walking the dogs"

Addie loves to walk outside with me when I walk the dogs. She now knows how to hold the leash and walk Ellie herself! All I did was hand it to her and she took off. I guess she's watched me enough.:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catching life with a toddler!!!

Well, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would do a little catching up on things. School has been going pretty well. My class is actually a great class this year (they have their moments, but who doesn't). Things have gone a lot smoother and there's been a lot less stressful days. Last year, I wanted to give it up!

Scott started a new job with a mortgage company about 2wks ago. He's still working his other one, but will be quitting it when he gets his first paycheck!!! No more nights w/out him at home and more money. He misses being away from Addison (and me:)). I can't wait for our life to get back to normal...if that's possible! LOL:)

Addie still enjoys daycare. She has moved up to the toddler room so she's down to one nap while she's there. She was taking 2, so she's having to adjust to that. A little cranky here and there, but hopefully that will pass. She has made so many friends. I love it when we walk in and a couple of the toddlers will say her cute! It's cute when they say good-bye too. They had pics made which turned out ok. She is constantly falling @ daycare and hitting something. The other day, she fell outside on the pavement and got a pretty good mark on her face!

Addie has really changed a lot in these couple of months too. I can't believe she's already 14mths! She's got more hair and is growing tall. She's already wearing 24mth clothing and a 5 shoe (that could be bigger). She still has a bit of a temper when it comes to not getting her way! She now walks AND runs! She "tries" to feed herself. Her personality is so cute and she's very smart! Her vocabulary has saying words like NO, yes, me, ouch(ou), this(dis), here(ere), bye, hello (minus the h and l sounds), hey, juice, baby, ball(baw), eat(e), and she points and grunts A LOT when she wants something! Of course, not all of the words are clear or said all the time, but you still know what she's trying to say.
Now, she can climb up and down the steps. She also climbs on the upstairs couch and chair by herself! She can get down from our "high" bed too. The next thing you know, she'll be jumping off. She sleeps a little bit later in the mornings 7:15 or 8:00(sometimes)if it's the weekend and goes to bed a little later 8:30 or 8:45. For a while now, she's been w/out the bottle. When it's time for bed, all I have to say is "Let's go nite, nite" and she will lay right down in her bed. Occassionally, I will rock her for a few just because. She "sometimes" will put her hands out for "all done". A few times I've gotten her to stretch out her arms for "how much do you love mommy?". She points to her nose and belly when you say, "Where's your nose or belly?". She blows kisses. Anytime you do something that involves cleaning, she will act like she's doing it too..sweep, dust, etc. It is so funny! She takes a papertowel or dryer sheet and pretends to dust and wipes things. Plays w/the broom and takes the clippers and acts like she's cutting her toenails.:O) She has this thing about putting things on and off likes tops to something. When I give her medicine, she always wants to put the cap back on the bottle. She also tries to plug things in! She now has 10 teeth..her 2 bottom molars came in a couple of wks ago. I could name a few more but I need to wrap it up.

Last Saturday night, Addie was sick. She was up coughing and crying. I had to put her in bed w/me. It sounded deep and different. The first thing I thought of was croup. Sunday, she was a little worse. Walgreens clinic wouldn't take children under 18mths so I figured I would wait til the morning for the doc. Later on, she had a fever of 102 and was weezing and breathing shallow. Scott and I decided to take her to the ER. Glad we did because she wasn't feeling well at all and it ended up being the croup. They gave her a steroid and that helped pretty quickly. Ended up staying out of work 2 days w/her (it was a 3 day week anyways). A week later, she still has a cough, but it's getting better.

Believe it or not, I haven't done a very good job of taking pics (of everything) like I normally do, but here are some of Addie over the past couple of months. I'll be posting more from fall break very soon!!!