Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl!!!

Over the weekend, Scott, Addie and I headed to Wal-Mart. I dressed her in jean overalls and a green shirt. Scott had his green on too. While I was getting ready, Scott and Addie were sitting on the bed watching TV. Everyone says she looks like her Daddy, but this picture REALLY shows line and all! Of course I had to get pictures;-)...Believe it or not, she looks a lot like me too when I was about 6mths old.

Here are a couple other pics that I thought were cute:) No more SUPERMAN...she's gotten the hang of it!

Update... When we took her for her check up a couple of weeks ago, doc said she was probably teething. She hasn't been cranky, but she's been waking at night. Also running low fever, runny nose and pulling at her ear. Anyway, he said give it about a month and you'll probably see teeth. Well, he was right! Scott thought earlier today that he felt something. Later on, I was noticing some redness and felt too. It was definitely the little tops of her two bottom teeth! My baby is getting so big!

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  1. I like the header pictures you did. Great job! Addie is getting so big!