Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas '09 @ Nana & Papa's

Christmas Eve at my parent's house is always a good time. We head over there Xmas Eve to hang out and eat. Then, we all get comfy in our jammies and wait patiently (yeah, right) to start opening our gifts that night. We've done it this way for as long as I can remember. Mom decides where everyone will sleep and we all stay the night and have Santa the next morning. There have been times when Santa had to leave gifts for 8 kids that morning! My sister and I continued getting "Santa" in the morning until we were about 25..hehe! This year, it was only 3 kids. My nieces got theirs that night because they had to leave for Disney World Xmas morning, and other cousins came early this year. Our tradition changes a little bit each year because our family keeps growing! Not everyone spends the night now. It was getting hard for Santa to carry the gifts from house to house plus some families have changed! We've had anywhere from 16-18 people stay at once before. It can get crazy:0) After things settle that next morning, we have breakfast. Then Scott, Addie and myself leave to head to L'ville for another family Xmas...more food, fun and presents!

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