Sunday, April 18, 2010


Since we didn't get to go to KY this year for Easter like planned, we got to go to my parents again instead. We usually take turns, but Scott's job prevented us from going this year again! Anyway, now we can get back on track because he's no longer working his weekend job and the mortgage business is finally picking up to where we won't need it...that's for another post!

Easter at Nana and Papa's is always fun. The family gets together to eat and have a hunt. Since the kids are getting older, we now only have Myla and Addie that want to hunt. Soon, we will have baby Edan to join them! That's for another post too! It ended up being a very nice day for an egg hunt. Last year, it was a bit chilly and the year before too. Plus, Addie knew what to do this year. We practiced at home and at daycare. She had a good time picking up the eggs and shaking them to see if they had candy. It was funny! Afterwords, the kids played and rode the "gator". They all love to do that and now some of them can drive it. Addie likes it a lot. She says, "weeee"! Here are some pictures of our evening...

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