Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fun '10

I LOVE SUMMERTIME! This year, I get 2 months off for the summer so that gives me lots of time to plan fun activities. Now that Addie is older, we are able to do more w/her. It's so much fun! I've tried to think of things for us to do that don't involve a lot of money, but something she would enjoy. Also have to think about the heat. We are still deciding about taking a short vacation because we really want Addie to see the ocean/beach. The oil spill has put a bit of a damper on that. Not to mention spending the money. Scott is finally starting to get back on his feet w/the mortgage business, but going 3 or 4 months w/out his check was hard to say the least! Just have to wait and see...Anyway, since he quit working weekends, this has given us a lot more family time together.  He has been able to do more things w/us this summer and we love it! Here are pics of things that we've done so far...

A day at the Portland Strawberry Parade.

Sitting w/cousin RaRa, waiting to catch candy

A visit from Nana and cousin "Ope" (Hope). We played inside and out, and went to the bookstore to pick out books. They really had a great weekend together!

Looking @ the flowers w/daddy after picking out books, along w/Bigbird and Cookie.

She loves "boons".

and her Bigbird!

Playing in her pool.

Taking care of her baby.

Ready to head to the fountains...

Loving it!

First time @ Peek-a-boo Playtown in H'ville w/Jen and Tyler.

Evan's birthday party.

3 nuggets @ a time!

Buddies...they are too cute!

Having some fun!

A day with Nana while mommy went to the pool.

We had to have a water funday @ home.

She thought Duke needed a little suncreen too!

I love this smile!

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