Saturday, December 27, 2008

Addison's 1st Christmas!!!

Addison's gifts from Santa

This Christmas was great because Scott and I already have what we really wanted...Addison!!! It was so much fun getting to dress her up and take her different places. I love sharing her with the family. Even though she doesn't understand the meaning of Xmas yet, it was still good having her there. She didn't really open any gifts, but played with the paper a little. She liked seeing her toys once they were open. The ones with music and colors are her favorite! She got tons of presents! I can't imagine what it's gonna be like next year...and the next...and the next! Besides getting our special gift, my next favorite gift was my surprise camera from Scott. It's the new Sony touch screen. It does everything. I took lots of pictures of Addie~of course! It is an awesome camera! Scott got his present early a couple of weeks ago...a new car. We are both happy with that!

I love this picture. She liked looking at the pretty paper.

She loves watching things move. She's even reached out a few times, but I couldn't get it on camera.

Can you believe all this stuff and she's only 4mths? This is a combination of Santa and Christmas gifts.

She's was very happy here playing with Daddy and her new toys.

We began celebrating Christmas the weekend before at my sister's house. Every year, we have cousins that come from Atlanta to spend a few days with the family. Sometimes, we visit them instead. The kids open gifts and the adults play dirty Santa and eat finger foods. Everyone always gets mad at me and Scott because we work together to try and get the gifts we want. Ha! Anyways, that night was a lot of fun.

On Christmas Eve, it has always been tradition for me, my brother, sisters, nieces, nephew, husbands, wives and aunt to spend the night at my mom and dad's house in Portland. They have a pretty big house, but the family continues to grow. No matter what, my mom always manages to make room. This is always a fun night. We have some type of dinner then we open gifts. Opening presents takes forever!!! The next morning, the kids get up for their Santa and then we have breakfast. When 9:00am comes around, Scott, Addison and myself are off to Louisville for Scott's family Xmas. We drive 2 & a half hours to stay a few hours there eating, opening gifts and spending time with family. Besides gifts, their tradition is exchanging ornaments every year. It doesn't take their family as long to open because all the kids open at the same time and then the adults. Then we turn right around and drive back to my parent's house.

Addison did well with traveling and going from one house to another. She was so amazed at all the lights and people. Of course, she got held pretty much the whole time. It doesn't really bother her though. Everyone loves her so much. They can't get over how much she is growing. I guess she really loves Xmas like her mommy.

This Christmas was a little sad at times because Brian's name would come up and it would get us all to thinking and missing him. It's still very surreal not having him here. We just tried thinking about the good times and the funny Brian, and it always makes us laugh again:) Overall,this was a wonderful Christmas! Hope everyone had a good one too.

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