Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our little Addie is getting so big!!!

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Just wanted to show a few pics of Addie that were taken a few days ago. She's pretty much over her sickness and back to normal...thank goodness!. She has been really sick w/RSV and that's a scary thing. She's feeling lots better. We've been enjoying our 4day weekend. On our "cold day" off, we caught up on some much needed sleep!

She continues to reach for things, like her Daddy's nose! She jabbers now constantly! When she wakes up til time for bed. Today, Scott was talking to her while she was jabbering and he said, say "DaDa". Well, as she continued to talk, it sounded so much like she said DaDa. We looked at each other like did she just say what I thought she said??? I know she's only 4 & half mths, but it couldn't have been any clearer. Anywho, thought that was pretty funny. Still can't get her to roll over anymore, but I know it will come soon enough. She doesn't like being on her tummy very much so it's hard getting her to push up too. Guess I'm just rushing things. We haven't been having any luck with feeding her vegetables lately, but finally she is taking to them. She still doesn't like the cereal fed by spoon. I'm still having to put it in her bottle. I've tried oatmeal and mixing it w/fruits~doesn't work either. Oh, well. Any suggestions???


  1. I heard Addison was sick, that is no fun at all. Glad to hear she is doing better though! She is getting big fast.

  2. I'm glad Addison is feeling better! I think our girls are going to have alot in common, besides being born a day apart....Ella Grace starting saying "Dada" this week as well!! How sweet!