Monday, January 26, 2009

Rolling over and Laughing out loud!

Well, Addison is finally rolling over pretty much every time she's on her back now. When I turn around, she's on her stomach! She's done it a few times before, but never more than once or twice in a row in the same day. It's funny how random it is when they decide they want to do things. She was laying in the floor the other night and rolled right over. Getting over her arm was giving her trouble before, but she finally she figured out to push a little harder:) The only problem with this is she hates being on her tummy! She hasn't figured out how to put her arms underneath and push up. She flies like superman, but also looks like a penguin sliding on her belly. It is so funny to watch.

When she gets tired of holding herself up, she sometimes falls asleep!:)

She's also started laughing out loud. She's done this before too, but now does it a lot. It's certain people that really get her dad and my aunt Tita. They don't have to do much and she'll just start chuckling continuously. Scott and I can also get her going during bath time, which she loves. My mom now calls her the "giggle box". I've tried getting her on video, but she always stops once the camera is on her. Oh, well...I will get her one of these days.

Here are a few more pics from the week:

Addie and her friend Bella

Family close up

After a bath

Loving her Daddy

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  1. All of the "firsts" are so much fun...first time to roll over, first crawl, first steps. Enjoy every minute! Addie is adorable, what a beautiful smile!