Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Precious Baby Girl is 5 months!


Our little Addie is getting so big! She will soon be 6 months! She seems happier than ever...most of the time! She's always smiling or trying to "talk". She now does this screaming thing where she'll do it for a few seconds then stop and look to make sure we heard it. It's almost like that's her way of getting our a little temper! It's kinda funny. She's still rolling over and doing a lot better with holding herself up and trying her hardest to crawl. She sits up pretty well, but you have to hold her or she'll fall over. She wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth! She loves her veggies and we also started her on some applejuice. Ever since she got sick with RSV, she has not been sleeping through the night anymore. She wakes at least once a night. She was sleeping thru anywhere from 9-10 hours w/out waking. We thought maybe it could be early teething, but not sure. We will find out for sure in a couple of weeks. It's making the nights hard on mommy and daddy again!

Scott's mom, sister, niece & nephew visited last weekend. They haven't seen Addie since Christmas. They were really excited to see her. Here are a few pics from their visit.
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She looked so cute for church in her Valentine's dress.

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