Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A look back @ 10mths...another HUGE milestone:)

Addie turned 11mths the 29th so I wanted to take a look back and show how far she has come since she turned 10mths...

As most of you know, Addie is a walker now!!! Who would have thought she'd start walking @ 10mths?! She was very close @ 9 and took her first steps not too long after turning 10mths. She's not yet to the running stage, but getting very close. She now walks everywhere, but still loses her balance every now and then. She doesn't walk very often in shoes cause she does much better barefooted!

What else new has Addie been up to?

*She continues to be vocal and says new words a lot more often. Her new one for this week/mth is "Nana". When she gets a word, she really sticks w/it for awhile and you don't hear the others as much. When she says Nana, she sounds like a motorcycle when it's engine revs up~nan, nan, nan, nan then finally gets out Nana! Her first word was Dada. She now really puts the name to a face and calls him Dada when she sees him. It's so cute:)Hi and Hey were next, but we don't hear them much. Next word(believe it or not) was Ellie aka "E" or Ye-yee. We call her name a lot(our dog)so she's always hearing it. She fusses at her too! Duke is our Lab and she calls him Duh or Doo. I never thought their names would come before Mama! Leah aka "Yee-ya" was next. Then it was cracker or "da-der". Finally, it was Mama which pretty much came out of nowhere one day when I was changing her diaper. She said "yay" the other day. We always clap and say yay when she does something good. That's why she walks and claps all the time. She really tries to copy or mimic other words in her own sounds.
*Points to things and brings you them when you ask or takes them to other people.
*She gives you "lovins" by leaning in and putting her forehead down to touch yours. She hasn't gotten the hang of the "kiss" yet!:) I'm trying to teach her how to blow a kiss.
*Gives hi-five and pats you on the back.
*Shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something. She started that @ the end of 9mths, but uses it ALL the time now!!!
*Plays the "I'll get you" game.
*Eating on her own a lot better.
*Takes her bottle and sippy cup herself now...FINALLY! We are in the process of taking the bottle away...uggg!!! Any suggestions? I've gotten it down to 3x a day, sometimes 4 if she takes 2 naps~morning, nap and bedtime. We have tried her on whole milk and she seems to do well w/it. Gonna start it when this can of formula is gone.
*Starting daycare for the first time (Building Blocks Learning Center in H'ville). She stayed at a friend's house last year.
*Still HATES being in her carseat (most of the time). We went ahead and faced her forword thinking that would help, but it didn't much. She seems to be getting a little better now.
*Tries pretty much any food, but she's not a big eater right now. I hear that's normal, but it still worries me. She loves any kind of crackers, anytime!
*Claps @ everything and now she's gotten faster at it.
*We call her "our little daredevil". She's not afraid of anything or anyone!
Someone at the fountains said she was "the bravest" little girl she has ever seen..yikes!
*Has 7 teeth!
*Climbing the steps constantly, but can't figure out how to get down them.
*Already wearing 18mth clothes and sometimes 24mths...she's so big:)
*Throws a "tantram" when she doesn't get her way by whining/crying, throwing things down and now does this thing where she kinda holds her breath, makes this sound and turns red! She also falls to the ground and lean her head down and cry! I don't know who she gets this from! My niece did hold her breath on purpose, but it was when she was crying.
btw...something that concerns me a bit that I'm gonna ask the doctor about is gagging herself. Is this a normal thing? I can't tell if she's doing it on purpose when she's sucking on her fingers or if it's just her gagging accidently. Weird, I know! Boy, have I got my hands full!
*There may be more things, but can't think of anymore right now:)

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