Friday, July 10, 2009

My little Addie is walking!!!

OMG...I can't believe my baby is old enough to walk! She is such a big girl now and so smart. SHe's always trying new things and of course walking being one of them. She's been standing on her own and taking several steps for a few weeks now. I love watching her stand then do her famous "clap" then try to walk! She gets so excited because we get so excited. She claps because we clap when she does something good. We've been practicing a lot w/her and today she really got the hang of it and walked farther than she ever has. She could probably go a lot farther if she would concentrate on the walking and not the clapping:) Thought you would enjoy the video of this great milestone!


  1. How sweet! It's really amazing isn't it?
    Alora was almost 15 months before she walked - I thought it would never happen. She finally did it Christmas morning.
    Enjoy that sweet "mobile" baby girl. It goes by so quickly :)

  2. she is soooo cute and a multitasker! Ha! Glad you all are doing well. Hope to see you for the fall consignment!