Friday, August 21, 2009

Starting daycare!

Addie started daycare @ Building Blocks Learning Center in H'ville a couple of weeks ago. She really loves it! SHe's got a great teacher...Mrs. Anita:) She started out in the toddler room because she can walk, but we changed her over to infant room to transition back over in a few weeks. She wasn't ready for the older room yet! She's made lots of new friends. I love watching her play w/them. I also love walking in and seeing that sweet face light up w/a smile when she sees her mommy:)

The first day of dropping her off was very sad (for me). Addie did just fine! Never even knew I was gone! They said she did great. Well, a few days later, she had already picked up a virus from someone! It was awful! She was throwing up a lot when we got home one afternoon. She passed it on to Scott, then myself...uggg! Anyway, her transition to daycare schedule and everything was causing her to come home a VERY cranky girl!!! It was hard to do anything cause she wouldn't let me put her down! The 2nd week, she finally realized that her mommy was leaving her. She now cries when I leave everyday! It is so hard to leave her, but they say it only lasts for a minute. She's getting better w/the new routine now...hopefully! I think a little of what was causing her to be cranky was a combination of daycare and teething. She cut her 8th tooth the other day!!!!!

Now, she has picked up something else which we thought might be chicken pox. Luckily it wasn't! I think it was just lots of mosquito bites...we hope! Here's a pick of her first day.

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