Sunday, August 2, 2009

Addie's 2nd trip to the fountains!!!

After Addie had such a good time the night before, Scott and I had to take her back the next day, but we made a day of it! We started out doing a little shopping at The Streets then had a little ice-cream from the Marble Slab. Then it was on to the fountains! This time she wore her bathingsuit and once again, had a blast! Scott couldn't get over how she wasn't scared at all. Other kids were crying and not going near the water, but Addie was ALL about it! She was even sitting on the spouts and putting her face down so the water could hit it. A lady there told us that Addie was the "bravest baby" she had ever seen. That's our "little daredevil" I told her. Addie was so funny to watch. This time, I got her on video.

Here's a video to watch.

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  1. that is so funny! It sounds like she is VERY brave to stick her face in the water! Too cute!!