Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is she allergic or what?!

A few weeks ago, we were playing outside w/Addie and I noticed that mosquitoes were on her head and flying around everywhere. We live by a creek so they are pretty bad! We were only out for about 30 minutes. The next morning when I went in to get her, she had about 15 red spots on the side of her face and some on her arms and legs. These weren't just any red spots. They were swollen and eventually turned to small blisters. I have never in my life! Anyway, Addie itched and scratched so we assumed these were bites from the night before. It seemed like we were finding more on her like they were spreading and I don't think bites do that. Her daycare thought we should have her seen by a doctor so I took her the next day. Luckily, he ruled out Chicken Pox! He "thougtht" it was an allergic reactiion to the bites. They eventually went away w/medicine. I didn't get any pics!

Then, over the long weekend, I had Addie outside again, but not for too long. I could feel the mosquitoes on me so I figured she was getting eaten up too. What do ya know, the next morning she had bites again! These seemed like they were in the same places as the others. I don't think mosq. bites do that. I'm not convinced that these are just bites, but that's how we are treating them...for now! I'm wondering, if she's so allergic then why has this only happened once before. We've been outside a lot. It's really odd. Hate to think I've got to put bug spray on her EVERY time she's out for just 30 minutes!!! Here's what they look like and this looks good compared to last time.

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