Sunday, December 20, 2009

Addie's Christmas Party

Addie's daycare had their Xmas party on Thursday. I left work early to attend, but it wasn't that great...kinda like their fall festival! There were 3 parents there and the other 2 were together! When I got there, they had just finished eating (and I got there when it was supposed to start). I wasn't a very happy camper because I envited my sister, Jen, to come and it was disappointing. Maybe my expectations are set high because of being a teacher and knowing how great parties can be. It made me feel better to hear a friend of mine went to her child's party and she was the only one there. LOL! Anyway, Santa was there, but of course Addie didn't want anything to do with him, again! I didn't push it either because she wasn't feeling well...the joys of being at daycare w/lots of sick and snotty kids:)

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  1. I know, being a teacher we do have high expectations of a party! Hope you enjoy your Christmas and your time off!