Sunday, December 20, 2009

A date with Santa...

Well, last Saturday we headed out to Opryland hotel to see Santa and the lights. Little did we know the traffic would be that terrible! It would have taken atleast 2 hours to get in and out! We decided to come back on Sunday when everyone was at church or eating lunch...much better! We got right in and only a couple of people were waiting to see Santa. That's another story...we we're definitely NOT expecting this "fearless" child who's not afraid of anything or anyone to be scared of Santa! She HATED him!!! We've been practicing @ home w/our large Santa. She wants to sit in his lap and when we say, "Where's Santa?" she says Ho, Ho, Ho. Once we got up to him and said, "There's Santa" she freaked out! We tried it once with me then again w/ just her. That's what we went with:)Afterwords, we rode the train and look at lights. That was a little better, but she does not enjoy being in her stroller. Let's just say, by the time we left, 2 1/2 hours felt like ALL day!

Playing w/ornaments before we left.

Pics w/mommy and daddy.

Heading to see Santa.


Riding the train w/mommy.

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