Monday, January 17, 2011

A day @ the Pumpkin Patch...Honey Suckle Hill Farm!

Addie was very excited about going to the pumpkin patch this year. She really didn't know what it was until she got there. She was just excited to know that we would spend the day w/her buddies, Knox & Bella! We were celebrating his 1st bday and Bella's 2nd. It ended up being a pretty chilly day, but fun! The kids all still enjoyed getting to play.

Addie acting silly before getting ready to leave. Mommy's little "punkin"!

Spending a little time w/the birthday boy and doing lots of activities.

She didn't even know these girls, but joined them like she did!

Ready for cake!

Bella's turn!

Now Addie:)

Time to pick out her 1st pumpkin by herself!

Daddy giving her some tips:)
Checking it out...

She found one!

Taking it home.
Picture time...

The Gregory Family
Checking out Knox'x truck

Long day...she was worn out and ready to go:)


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