Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fall Break begins...It's pumpkin carving time!!!

I just love this time of year and Addie really did too! This year and age was good b/c she's finally able to really do and understand things more. Now daddy's home more so we are able to enjoy it A LOT more:)
I was really excited about carving a pumkin this year b/c I couldn't wait for Addie to do it for the 1st time. Little did I know she wouldn't be as excited about it as I was. lol! Once we took off the top, she stuck her hand down into the pumpkin, then it was pretty much over! She didn't really like how it felt, only the way it looked afterwords! Oh, well, maybe next year! I bought a Disney carving kit b/c she's so into Mickey Mouse. She loved her daddy's MM when it was done. It took me longer w/the Minnie, but I finally managed to finish it a couple of days later. Thank goodness for fall break!

Beginning the carving...
Here's mine!

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