Saturday, May 2, 2009

Over the past month (7mths old)...

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I wanted to post some pictures of Addie over the past month. She's growing so fast!!! I know I keep saying that, but she turned 8 months on Wednesday(4-29)and I still can't believe it! She continues to do and learn new things. She says the word "hey" sometimes (atleast I think that's what it is), but not much of anything else. She babbles and screams a lot though. We think she's been teething again here lately because she's been a little crankier than usual, pulls at her ear a lot and keeps a runny nose...thank goodness for those teething tablets! She still continues to sleep thru the night and takes two naps a day. I give her a bottle and put her to bed around 8:00 and she wakes anywhere from 6:15-7:00. I hope she keeps this up! She's really been trying to crawl and kinda pull up on things. Just recently, she started getting on her hands and knees and rocking. It's so funny to watch. It won't be long til she's crawling! She already manages to get around everywhere by rolling and scooting backwards and grabs and pulls things off of tables and shelves. We've got to put up some things! She actually has more hair now too! Anyway, I wanted to catch everyone up on how's she's been doing before she gets any older.

Here's a video of her rocking on her hands and knees.

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