Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 months=Milestones and changes!!!

Well, I'm finally getting a chance to update my blog! Been very busy w/lots of new and exciting things happening... My last day of school was last Friday. I was so ready and so were the kiddos! I'm so excited about beginning the summer:) We haven't really had a chance to do many things yet, but it's just beginning. I'm trying to take care of my inservice hours ASAP. Already have 2 and a half days out of the way and several in June.

In the meantime, Addison has been doing many new things! 8 months clicked for her and she began doing a lot of new things (9mths the 29th). She changed literally overnight! She's been trying to crawl and sit up on her own since 7 mths and she finally got both about a week or two after she turned 8mths! The rocking turned into creeping, w/a couple of steps, then she picked right up.

Now that Addie's crawling, she can go pretty much anywhere. The other night, she was on the floor and when I looked back towards the steps, she was heading down them "head first"! We just happened to move the gate for some reason. She cried for a minute, but was luckily ok. I had been telling Scott to lower her mattress for a while cause she was trying to pull up on things. The day after he did, she pulled up in her bed. Now, she pulls up anywhere she crawls. Our new cushioned ottoman has really worked well! She pulls up on it and I don't worry a bit! You can't keep her away from our dvd shelf! We still have to baby proof many other things. She really wants to walk and while on her knees, she'll try her hardest to stand up. When she pulls up, she takes a step or two. She's very brave and stands w/one hand or even lets go!

We also had to move the portable video camera that's used w/her monitor. Normally, it sits on her bed rail because she couldn't reach it. One morning, I kept hearing a noise in her monitor. When I looked at the screen, I saw this close up face with two large eyes! She had pulled the camera down from her bed and was looking right into it! It was the funniest thing when I walked into her room and she looked at me like "I didn't do it!" I'm so mad I didn't take a picture! We have since moved the camera!

We had to buy her a new carseat, but she doesn't really like it as well as the carrier. She hates being restrained now. She does ok, but gets upset after a while. This past weekend, we drove 2 and a half hours to Jtown,KY for a family bday party. On the way up, she got restless and mad, 30 minutes before getting there. Pulled into a store to get her out for a minute. On the way back home, she was very tired and slept for a while. Once she woke up, she cried for an hour straight! Pulled over again to give her a break. Finally fell asleep when I rubbed her head. The next day, I realized she had two more teeth coming in at the top. Guess that had a little to do w/the crying. Gonna try having her watch a dvd for the next long trip.

She's figured out how to wave, but only does it when she wants to. She's pretty amazed that her hand will move like that!

She hasn't pointed yet, but holds her hands out for you. I've been trying to get her to give kisses. My sister kissed her the other day and said, "Give me kisses". Addie leaned over and gave her one back on the cheek w/her mouth open:) She also gave me one. Still working on blowing kisses.

She recognizes people better now and cries sometimes when me or my mom leaves the room. Never did that before...not even w/the babysitter. I know it's part of it, but hopefully it won't last long!

She's been trying to hold her bottle and use a sippy cup for a while and still has trouble at times. She's definitely capable of doing it, but she plays lazy a lot!

We've fed her a few new regular foods and she seems to like them. She loves cake and ice-cream! I also started giving her puffs and she really likes them too! She won't put them to her mouth herself, even though she picks them up! She mostly throws them on the floor for Ellie unless I put them in her mouth:) Don't really get it because she picks up other things and puts in her mouth.

Addie finally started "talking" a lot more and says "DaDa" all the time!!! She enjoys playing peek-a-boo and patty cake. She also likes to beat on things to make noise. I was cleaning out the cabinet and gave her a few things to play with. When I turn around, she had picked up Ellie's bowls, dumped them and was hitting them together! She was also sitting on top of a pan:)

She has realized that when she throws something down that someone will usually pick it up so she continues to do it over and over and over...unless you stop! She has a "personality" now and has begun to show a little temper at times. If she doesn't like something, she will definitely let you know...more screams, grunts, cries, whines, etc. She will even shake her head NO! Before, she really only cried or whined when she was tired, hungry or not feeling well. That has changed!

She still smiles and goes to everyone and for the most part is a happy girl:) Can't wait to see what great things 9 months will bring!!! Happy Birthday, Addie!!!

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  1. Those pictures of Addison are so cute. It is definately a whole new adventure when they begin crawling! Now that Jaxon is beginning to walk, we are still finding new things to baby proof. This summer will be so much fun! We will have to get the two of them together for a play date sometime - they can blow kisses to each other! (: