Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Pageant '09~"Diaper Derby"

Well, I got talked into putting Addie in her first pageant last weekend by my niece, Rachel. I immediately thought "NO", but gave it a little more thought and talked to Scott about it. He didn't say much in the beginning besides don't get used to putting her in these things! I signed her up for the 7~12 month Diaper Derby pageant in P'town. All they were allowed to wear was a diaper cover/bloomers, a bow and socks. I already had a cute pair of bloomers w/strawberries on them. I had her initials monogrammed on the back. She wore those and a pink bow.

I was really nervous because I had to walk her out on stage.
There were twelve babies(girls)in the pageant. I think all of them were older than her and could do more...walk, wave, etc. I thought she might at least have a chance at 2nd runner up, but she didn't place. She looked cute, but they all were cute! It was disappointing. Not sure if I'll try it again. Like Scott said, "We don't need a pageant to say she's cute because we already know!" I thought that was sweet:) Anyway, here are a couple of pics that aren't very good because of the lighting.

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