Wednesday, June 3, 2009

9 month check~up!!!

Yesterday, Addie had her 9mth check-up w/Dr.Kastner. She turned 9mths on the 29th. I was anxious because it had been awhile. She weighed 23lbs and 4ozs, 29.5in tall (95 perc~of course, off the charts) and head circ. was 18 and 1/4. Before he comes in, the nurse asks a few questions then gives us a "growth milestones" handout which has lots of info. about what your child should be doing, etc. When we read over the developmental part, Addie was right on track w/what it was saying! I was very happy to see that and also hear it from Dr.K! He said she looked great and seems to be progressing very well. I was a little worried about how she wld do w/the exam, but she did very well. He even said she was the best behaved child of the whole day! He also said she seems very personable and happy, which we get all the time. She's usually always smiling at everyone. It's hard to go anywhere w/out several people stopping us to say something about her. I'm such a proud mommy:) Anyway, I always have questions and concerns when I take her and he answered all of them. Things seem to be "normal". I did tell him that she now HATES riding in her carseat! He said that was normal too and she wld get better once you turn her around. Was I glad to hear it's still 1 year (in TN) when you do that and not 2! I am so ready to do it now! Update...Addie climbed the steps the other day and clapped her hands for the first time today:)

Here are a few pics from the past week... Posing for the picture.
So cute w/her baby doll and her blanky.
Daddy and Addie:)
Caught in action!
Going to lunch w/Mommy, aunt Jenn and Nana.
She wasn't paying attention cause she was waving in the mirror.
She gets under the chair, but can't get out!
Pulling up to the bed.
Watching Mommy and Daddy clean the garage.
Her new favorite toy!

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  1. I love the pics!! Looks like she's going to be a very adventurous little girl! :) Let's get the girls together soon!