Friday, November 14, 2008

Spending time with friends

Last Sunday, we had a few friends over to watch the Titans game. A friend of mine just had her baby about a month after Addie was born, and she brought her to visit too along with her other little girl. It is so sweet to see them laying together. Soon they will be able to play together!

Friends of mine came to visit a couple of weeks ago. I've known them since I was little. Emily brought her little girl to visit with Addison because they have not seen her since she was born.

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  1. OMG! I can't believe how much she is growing! It goes way too fast!! She's a cutie. The Louisville picture is too cute. Even though me and Jonathan went to U of L, we are Wildcat fans at heart. Addison and Jaxon will be rooting for different teams this season, but I know they will become good buddies. I am so excited that Kelly is keeping them. Yes, Courtney made Jaxon's outfit. She not only did his name, but she made the entire thing!! She picked out the material and all!