Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for Addison!!!

We are so thankful to have Addison with us this year to celebrate Thanksgiving @ Nana's house. Usually, we travel to Louisville in the morning to be with Scott's family. Then, we travel back to TN that evening to be with my family. This year, we only went to my family's Thnx'giving so we wouldn't have to travel that far because Scott had to work that night. It was nice to actually get to watch the parades and not have to be in such a rush, but we missed getting to see his family. We had dinner @ my parent's house, even though they are remodeling and the place was a mess. We still had fun and played the Wii.

Everyone always enjoys getting to see and hold Addison. They ALL argue over who will get her next. She hardly ever gets put down. She did great though. She looked really cute in her "little turkey" shirt that cousin Rachel got for her. She also changed into her "thankful for Tigger and Pooh" outfit. If she doesn't wear pink, she almost could pass for a little boy. LOL

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